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Today, I was playing MW2 when i heard something coming from the unfinished half of my basement, so i paused the game for a few seconds. I heard nothing and kept playing, but once i unpaused the game i heard a cat meowing so loudly it was coming all the way through the walls over the sound of gun shots. I walked over and opened the door and my cat comes running in at warp speed. I yell up to my brother if he went into the unfinished basement and he said yes, he got a drink from the mini fridge. I asked if he knew the cat was in there and he said yeah, he brought her in there thinking it would be funny because she's an indoor cat, but forgot her in there when he went out. I asked how long ago he got the drink. He said two hours ago. It was atmost 20 degrees in there and my cat was practically freezing. My brother's 15. Way to go smart one, way to go.

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