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Today I read a story that said, "The other day i read a story about a guy talking about other people talking about stereotypes - "The other day I read a story that said, -"Today I read a MLIA story about an Asian eating rice. I laughed until I realized I was drinking tea. I'm British. MLIA"-. I laughed at how stereotypical they were. I then realised I was smearing he last of my bacon in maple syrop. I'm Canadian. MLIA.", I laughed at the unlikelihood of this, until I realized i was reading the post on my phone, in a pub, with a Guinness. I'm Irish.. MLIA" Then I realized I read this on my iTouch in McDonald's. I'm American. MLIA" I believed this, and i was only further proven right by the fact i had cricket on in the other room and am sitting here in shorts with a beer in my hand. Im Australian. MLIA.

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