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My family was out to dinner at a steakhouse. My dad always orders thousand island dressing for his salad, but today he asked if he could borrow some of my sister's ranch. She said, "Okay - wait, ew, are you going to mix them? Gross!" Just as a waiter approached our table, my dad shouted, "Yes! THERE'S ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH CROSS-DRESSING." I love my dad. MLIA
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haha happens all the time mlia
[ - ]  dhkdhkdhkGood: 0Bad: 02 years, 6 months ago
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[ - ]  hpgrrlisdeadGood: 5Bad: 13 years ago
Tldr tbqh
[ - ]  FaitAccompliGood: 2Bad: 13 years ago
[ - ]  NopeTheOtherOneGood: 0Bad: 03 years ago
People who shout in public are assh*les.
[ - ]  hpgrrlisdeadGood: 6Bad: 03 years ago
I have a scar on my left foot because some assho|e screamed in public and I dropped a fork.
[ - ]  lWYVGood: 0Bad: 03 years ago
[ - ]  hpgrrlisdeadGood: 0Bad: 13 years ago
[ - ]  lWYVGood: 0Bad: 03 years ago
good stuff
[ - ]  NopeTheOtherOneGood: 2Bad: 03 years ago
I think "redtube" is a god tip-off to not click it. Also, the user who posted it.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 1Bad: 03 years ago
That isn't even the real one.
Are you 12
[ - ]  hpgrrlisdeadGood: 0Bad: 03 years ago
Either way pedo wants you.
[ - ]  AIsForAlphaGood: 1Bad: 03 years ago
Especially if he's 12.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 03 years ago
Just pretend there's a pun here, because I'm too lazy to think of one.
[ - ]  lWYVGood: 0Bad: 03 years ago
I would never f uck a red head unless she shaves her pussy
A redhead would never f uck you it's okay
[ - ]  kkaiaa3Good: 0Bad: 03 years ago
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[ - ]  MobilethebandGood: 0Bad: 03 years ago
This post is okay.
[ - ]  Purple_TyperGood: 0Bad: 02 years, 2 months ago
well i think you're the one who's okay, mobs :)))))))
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