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Today, (actually a while ago) my boyfriend aquired an old microwave. It's so old that we convinced his roommate that you had to release the steam valve on it after use. We are all 18-20 years old, and the roommate thought we were totally serious. MLIA
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[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 05 years ago
how about no
[ - ]  AIsForAlphaGood: 0Bad: 25 years ago
I... Don't get it.... Do microwaves not have steam valves..... Or are you definitely, obviously not supposed to touch them...... SOMEONE EXPLAIN.
[ - ]  FaitAccompliGood: 0Bad: 05 years ago
Shirley you can't be serious?
[ - ]  NopeTheOtherOneGood: 1Bad: 05 years ago
That's just a special level of ignorance.
[ - ]  PippinTeaGood: 0Bad: 05 years ago
I'm glad you are still on here. :)
[ - ]  hpgrrlisdeadGood: 1Bad: 05 years ago
Are you sure you're 12 and making sh!t up.
[ - ]  hpgrrlisdeadGood: 1Bad: 05 years ago
*your'e not
[ - ]  AIsForAlphaGood: 0Bad: 15 years ago
So I'm dumb. Nevermind then.
[ - ]  NonagonGood: 0Bad: 05 years ago
The number of votes on posts is actually kind of amazing at this point
[ - ]  FaitAccompliGood: 1Bad: 05 years ago
What, you don't there are 6000 people frequenting this site?
[ - ]  FaitAccompliGood: 0Bad: 05 years ago
... *think
[ - ]  hpgrrlisdeadGood: 0Bad: 05 years ago
The well side bar still being up is my favorite thing. Four for Mek coco, you go Mek Coco
[ - ]  OceansoulGood: 0Bad: 05 years ago
And then the microwave proceeded to catch fire.
this place
[ - ]  MobilethebandGood: 0Bad: 05 years ago
if it wasn't today then don't start with today. This post sucks.

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