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Today, while on the bus, someone farted. An 18-year-old girl who still rides (although her license is long overdue...) then proceeded to throw fit, demanding she knows who farted. A small boy who I have never heard speak in my life then stands up and yells "YOUR EXISTANCE IS AN INCONVENIENCE!" and sits back down. Thank you, quiet boy, for sharing my exact thoughts. MLIA.
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[ - ]  kassie18Good: 5Bad: 04 years, 5 months ago
*rode the school bus as an 18-year-old girl* -.-
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 2Bad: 04 years, 5 months ago
You could've said it.
[ - ]  tkellzGood: 7Bad: 04 years, 5 months ago
Because everyone who's 18 can afford a car, insurance and gas. Your exisTENCE is an inconvenience to me.
[ - ]  AdmiralSarcasmWithNoUnderscoreGood: 8Bad: 04 years, 5 months ago
Don't be a dick to somebody who might be far too poor to buy a car. You don't know what her life is like.
[ - ]  typer2131Good: 5Bad: 04 years, 5 months ago
18 is a normal age for a senior to be, so if they're saying she's still riding a school bus because she was held back or something, and she's less of a person because of it, that's stupid. o_O
[ - ]  tkellzGood: 2Bad: 04 years, 5 months ago
Also, your use of tenses is abysmal.
[ - ]  tkellzGood: 5Bad: 04 years, 5 months ago
Also, I bet you wish you could've summoned up the courage to say something yourself, instead of waiting for someone else to do it and then going home to write about it on the internet.
[ - ]  tkellzGood: 4Bad: 04 years, 5 months ago
Also, it's "demanding TO KNOW who farted." Also, I like the word also.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 1Bad: 04 years, 5 months ago
I just broke your combo. BAM.
[ - ]  tkellzGood: 0Bad: 04 years, 5 months ago
I was done b�tching anyways but well done regardless.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 04 years, 5 months ago
It would seem that I've spoken too soon.
[ - ]  tkellzGood: 0Bad: 04 years, 5 months ago
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 04 years, 5 months ago
[ - ]  tkellzGood: 0Bad: 04 years, 5 months ago
[ - ]  teenygirlGood: 1Bad: 04 years, 5 months ago
maybe she CAN'T AFFORD A CAR you are a meanie
[ - ]  SongofaPhoenixGood: 0Bad: 04 years, 4 months ago
Cars are expensive to buy and maintain. I didn't get a car until a few months ago, and I'm 22. Even when I got a car, I still used a Park and Ride to bus the rest of the way to work and class because it was cheaper than it would have been to drive the whole way and pay for the gas. Plus, I don't have to drive the bus. I can sit back and relax for the ride. Though, somebody who is normally quiet saying such a sentence is kind of humorous.

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