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The other day my girlfriend 'meowed' at me. Without thinking, I 'meowed' back. Shocked, she exclaimed I was 'the one'. A few days later, I was making a promise about something and said 'I solemnly swear', and she finished with 'that I am up to no good'. I nearly peed my pants with excitement...we are both 22, and she is 'the one'. MLIA
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[ - ]  QueenFrostine9Good: 0Bad: 07 years, 5 months ago
aww. how...cute?
[ - ]  guitaristsj5596Good: 0Bad: 07 years, 5 months ago
thats nice..
[ - ]  tupynthedwarfGood: 0Bad: 07 years, 5 months ago
Dude... You said the other day meaning like, two days ago and then you said a few days later meaning 3 days which would be tomorrow... but cute story anyhow!!!

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