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Today, a girl walked into my first period class with what looked like a Harry Potter scar on her forhead. I got really excited, thinking that something cool was going to happen. Turns out that it was supposed to be a cross for Ash Wednesday. MLIA
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[ - ]  HaiteradeGood: 1Bad: 03 years ago
What an insensitive prick.
[ - ]  hpgrrlisdeadGood: 7Bad: 03 years ago
Harry Potter scars are red, thin, and lightning shaped , Ash Wednesday ashes are grey, thin and cross shaped. -yawns- fake story is fake, next.
[ - ]  AIsForAlphaGood: 0Bad: 13 years ago
[ - ]  AbnormalPretzelGood: 3Bad: 03 years ago
The stupidity of the OP never ceases to amaze me. Actually, no, it doesn't amaze me. I'd rather throw bricks at you, OP.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 03 years ago
pretz omg<3
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 03 years ago
How did you forget you had ash on your face? Unless it was a cult practice in which you were knocked unconscious.
[ - ]  FaitAccompliGood: 4Bad: 03 years ago
You should have asked her forhead.
[ - ]  FaitAccompliGood: 0Bad: 03 years ago
Get it because the typo... *leaves*
I appreciate this pun because it involves sex and I am a male teenager who still laughs at this shit.
[ - ]  hpgrrlisdeadGood: 2Bad: 03 years ago
Also this is really old Ash Wednesday was over forty days ago soo...
[ - ]  lWYVGood: 0Bad: 03 years ago
I just fu cked a taco shell stuffed with rancid meat and tomato bits 28 1D
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 03 years ago
This can be interpreted many different ways.
[ - ]  OceansoulGood: 0Bad: 03 years ago
What kind of idiot mistakes a cross for a lightning bolt...?
[ - ]  hpgrrlisdeadGood: 2Bad: 03 years ago
[ - ]  kkaiaa3Good: 0Bad: 03 years ago
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[ - ]  MobilethebandGood: 0Bad: 13 years ago
This post is a forced attempt to include Harry Potter therefore sucks.
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[ - ]  Lizzy11Good: 0Bad: 01 year, 3 months ago
Did she have the hair and everything too

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