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Today, I saw a goat walking casually down the street. It had a pink leash dragging behind it. I'm confused. MLIA
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[ - ]  OceansoulGood: 6Bad: 32 years, 1 month ago
You just ruined goats for me. Go fall in a well.
[ - ]  NonagonGood: 3Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
[ - ]  NonagonGood: 1Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
Um. Whoops.
[ - ]  IKilledAZombieWithMyRayGunGood: 6Bad: 12 years, 1 month ago
Why is no one ever on when I'm on apart from like 4 in the fvcking morning? I can't be on at 4 every morning you asshats.
[ - ]  NonagonGood: 0Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
[ - ]  IKAZWMRG_is_a_FagGood: 1Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
[ - ]  GrenadeglvGood: 0Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
Feckin hell.
[ - ]  FishcakesGood: 1Bad: 22 years, 1 month ago
BUT EVERYONE GETS SO EXCITED WHEN YOU SHOW UP nobody gets that excited about me FML
[ - ]  GrenadeglvGood: 0Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
[ - ]  FishcakesGood: 0Bad: 12 years, 1 month ago
[ - ]  FishcakesGood: 0Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
And see I actually respond
[ - ]  underthesea663Good: 0Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
I'm excited about both of you... :D
[ - ]  FishcakesGood: 1Bad: 02 years ago
Which makes me feel super bad because I recognize your username and remember vague excitement at your presence but can't remember much more than that! :D
[ - ]  brianmayGood: 1Bad: 32 years, 1 month ago
That's how your parents feel every time they look at you.
[ - ]  RGRGGood: 1Bad: 52 years, 1 month ago
WOW I HAVE A TWIN SOMEWHERE OUT THERE!! I once had a pet goat in the city, too!! :D Fun, good times :).
[ - ]  GrenadeglvGood: 1Bad: 52 years, 1 month ago
I hope your goat died of cancer.
[ - ]  AbnormalPretzelGood: 4Bad: 32 years, 1 month ago
Please die. Cross out the please part.
[ - ]  IKilledAZombieWithMyRayGunGood: 2Bad: 32 years, 1 month ago
No one cares. You are a disgrace to humanity. Do the world a favour and jump off a cliff you greedy recourse wasting, air stealing pile of shit. :).
[ - ]  OceansoulGood: 0Bad: 22 years, 1 month ago
Poor goat...
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 1Bad: 42 years, 1 month ago
Get out.
[ - ]  FishcakesGood: 1Bad: 12 years, 1 month ago
I wouldn't say you have a twin of anything. Unless you actually have a twin, but I wouldn't base that on people who own a goat. Goats are quite fun, though.
[ - ]  IKilledAZombieWithMyRayGunGood: 6Bad: 22 years, 1 month ago
How can a goat even walk casually? How? A goat doesn't have the corect mentality to comprehend the concept of being 'casual.' I hate you. You're stupid, and I hate you.
[ - ]  IKilledAZombieWithMyRayGunGood: 3Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
[ - ]  FaitAccompliGood: 2Bad: 12 years, 1 month ago
[ - ]  OceansoulGood: 1Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
One of many reasons why I fvcking love goats.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 1Bad: 22 years, 1 month ago
Someone obviously lost their goat, what's the big deal?
[ - ]  FishcakesGood: 2Bad: 12 years, 1 month ago
What? You've never heard of having a goat as a pet? They need to walk around and stretch their legs, too. Especially if they live in a closed space like in the city. This one just happened to get away from it's owner, which is understandable. They're quick buggers, and once they get goi they're hard to stop.
[ - ]  FishcakesGood: 0Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
... Once they get going*. Oops.
[ - ]  FishcakesGood: 1Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
Also, goats aren't terribly smart. One of the goats I used to take care of nearly strangled itself trying to get to a horse's grain bucket because it was too high off the ground. Once it got it's head in the bucket, it's legs weren't stable and when it lost its footing it got stuck. It was kind of awkward, getting it out.
[ - ]  FishcakesGood: 1Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
Also. Rectangular pupils. Eeugh.
[ - ]  truffle_bunnyGood: 5Bad: 12 years, 1 month ago
I bet that really...gets your goat.
[ - ]  OceansoulGood: 3Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
A pun? You've goatta be kidding me.
[ - ]  theADHDkidwithlonghairGood: 2Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
It took me three minutes to understand that you were making a pun as well. This stupidity of mine is not unherd of, however.
[ - ]  FishcakesGood: 5Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
I'm gonna just wait and see how long it takes for Hait to make some sort of spiteful reply.
[ - ]  theADHDkidwithlonghairGood: 2Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
But... but... unherd.
[ - ]  FishcakesGood: 1Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
Yes. It was amusing. Still.
[ - ]  OceansoulGood: 0Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
Oh... I thought that was a spelling mistake. I guess now we're even on the pun misunderstandings.
[ - ]  theADHDkidwithlonghairGood: 3Bad: 12 years, 1 month ago
Just taking a moment to appreciate how we all have different ways to say fuuck since Mek blocked it.
[ - ]  OceansoulGood: 0Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
I used to say fuuck. But then I saw people saying fvck and I liked that better so started saying it that way.
[ - ]  VinnehGood: 1Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
How the shit did I miss Ikaz, again.
[ - ]  IKilledAZombieWithMyRayGunGood: 1Bad: 12 years, 1 month ago
Because you're stupid and you smell.
[ - ]  GrenadeglvGood: 1Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
you were busy fecking your goat.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
F*ck da time zones. D:
[ - ]  IKilledAZombieWithMyRayGunGood: 1Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
I know no one's here, but I really miss BTFB. Just though I'd put that out there.
[ - ]  Bob_The_Fucking_BarberGood: 0Bad: 12 years, 1 month ago
It's okay, I'm right here.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
[ - ]  IKilledAZombieWithMyRayGunGood: 0Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
OH SHIT. Weren't you a builder before?
[ - ]  artemis_wolfGood: 1Bad: 12 years, 1 month ago
Just checked its previous comments. The username's owner is a fan clone. Its owner seems to be smarter than an OP on a cursory glance. I don't think its user has any other accounts...
[ - ]  SasukeTheUnicornGood: 1Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
How does seeing a goat walking down the street reflect on you in any way?
[ - ]  BreakMyPianoIBreakYourFaceGood: 1Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
I love goats. If I saw that, I would kidnap it. I would teach it to scream on command and all over when I say. Yes... I'm sorry, what were we talking about?
[ - ]  BreakMyPianoIBreakYourFaceGood: 0Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
God damn it. *fall over. Stupid iPod.
[ - ]  underthesea663Good: 3Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
Holy gods. I haven't been on here in ages...
[ - ]  underthesea663Good: 0Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
Do any of you remember me...?
[ - ]  artemis_wolfGood: 0Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
No, sorry. Anyway, I have to go to sleep. Hopefully you'll come back tomorrow and we can actually converse.
[ - ]  artemis_wolfGood: 0Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
*sometime I'm actually on
[ - ]  underthesea663Good: 0Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
Super duper! And ya, I'll be here. I feel like I vaguely remember you...
[ - ]  typer2131Good: 1Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
of course everyone f,ucking remembers you uts
[ - ]  underthesea663Good: 0Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
[ - ]  underthesea663Good: 0Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
How are you!?
[ - ]  OceansoulGood: 0Bad: 02 years, 1 month ago
Name rings a bell, but no. =/
[ - ]  FishcakesGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
I DO SORT OF like your name rings a bell and I remember being interested and some form of agitated by your presence before but other than that not much.
[ - ]  FishcakesGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
By "some form of agitated" I mean I was probably excited but I didn't want to say "interested and excited by your presence" because that felt awkwardly sexual. Plus, Nonny has made me paranoid about openly stating I enjoy anyone's presence.
[ - ]  underthesea663Good: 0Bad: 02 years ago
Bahahaha, wonderful. That's all I could hope for <3 I mean I haven't been on in like 2 years, so. That's deserved.
[ - ]  FishcakesGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
Agh, I'm glad that's okay with you. But I do remember your username and that you were pleasant! That's a good thing. How are you?
[ - ]  underthesea663Good: 0Bad: 02 years ago
So good! I quit MLIA after things got a little crazy and I'm happy to be back. Is Melloe still around? Or Kassie? Or Manwulf? Or BelaLugosi? Or any of those types? I saw Nonny and Gren. :) It seems slower these days, only one new post in days... Is that how it is now? How are you?
[ - ]  FishcakesGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
Er, um... They all left. They connected on Facebook and didn't feel the need to come back anymore, I guess. Sometimes a few old people pop in every now and then, but for the most part they're gone. Yeah, that's how it is now. I think it's kind of nice. No pressure to really throw anything out there, plus you have plenty of time to add conversations and whatnot before they get lost in the shuffle. I'm good! I quit for a bit too, I suppose. It just got too negative, here, so I stopped coming back regularly. But I'm quite different now, and much more stable, so I let myself come back for a bit. Unfortunately, I'm now a bit paranoid that if a lot of people come back, the negativity will come back with them and just Bleh, so I might take another break, but for now I'm here. How's life?
[ - ]  underthesea663Good: 0Bad: 02 years ago
Yeah... I remember that. Taking a break was definitely healthy for us both, I think. That's sort of sad, though... But I think it's probably for the best. It's just weird. Feels dead. I'm glad you're still around though!
[ - ]  OceansoulGood: 3Bad: 02 years ago
BelaLugosi? He quit a long ass time ago. Like, long before everyone else. It sucks because he was awesome.
[ - ]  FishcakesGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
Definitely. I'm glad you decided your break was for the best. c: | Eh, how much is there to pull people back to commenting? Talking with people is great, but they picked their favorites, found other ways to contact them, and left. Not really sad to me, if it's what they want. Makes it less cluttered for the people who still think there's something here and want to talk to others who think the same! It moves a little slower, true, but it also makes it a bit easier to toss out a comment and putter off to do something else for a while, since nobody expects timely replies anyway. Keeps people from being too sucked in. | Aw, thank you. I'm glad you decided to pop back in, too! C:
[ - ]  artemis_wolfGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
Mannwulf was here just a week ago; are you sure he's gone?
[ - ]  LtBaconGood: 1Bad: 02 years ago
I wonder who is actually voting these posts through...
[ - ]  VinnehGood: 1Bad: 02 years ago
Your mum.
[ - ]  Wolf05Good: 1Bad: 02 years ago
It was obviously lost it's hat on the way to the tea party.
[ - ]  underthesea663Good: 4Bad: 02 years ago
Brilliant use of the English language. A for effort.
[ - ]  artemis_wolfGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
You, sir, are no wolf. Maybe a deluded coyote.
[ - ]  artemis_wolfGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
Also, it is not '05 anymore, it is '13. Unless '05 was the year you were born? It wouldn't surprise me.
[ - ]  artemis_wolfGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
I feel very wolfish today, so tell me if I'm dwelling on lupines too much.
[ - ]  artemis_wolfGood: 1Bad: 02 years ago This is why I hate goats. ;)
[ - ]  FishcakesGood: 1Bad: 02 years ago
I like goats. They're a but crafty and uncomfortably quick, but otherwise they're kind of cute. They also don't leave huge piles of shit around like horses do, they make little tiny pellets you can sweep up pretty easily as long as you don't let some small child mistake them for spilled chocolate bits because that was really awkward...
[ - ]  artemis_wolfGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
I wish he'd taken me across, but I guess you can't have your goat and eat it too.
My gums hurt. :(
[ - ]  prophetGood: 2Bad: 02 years ago
Whenever I look at goats they just drop dead. Consider yourself lucky.
[ - ]  FishcakesGood: 1Bad: 02 years ago
Old people need to stop coming back right after I say they're all gone.
[ - ]  prophetGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
But then there would be even less comments.
[ - ]  GrenadeglvGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
[ - ]  prophetGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
And now Gren has disappeared. Is this one of those things where if you believe he exists, he does, but if you don't then he doesn't?
[ - ]  FishcakesGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
No, he exists whether you believe or not, but the more you want him to be there the bigger a tease he is and leaves just because you want him there, then next time, he pops up when you least expect him to make you think "Yay!" and then leaves again.
[ - ]  GrenadeglvGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
Wuzzat fishyfish?
[ - ]  FishcakesGood: 0Bad: 12 years ago
[ - ]  GrenadeglvGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
[ - ]  prophetGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
So do I get anything now?
[ - ]  FishcakesGood: 1Bad: 02 years ago
God damn it I quit
[ - ]  GrenadeglvGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
[ - ]  FishcakesGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
<3 but agh
[ - ]  GrenadeglvGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
[ - ]  FishcakesGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
omg prophet hi
[ - ]  prophetGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
Hello. How's it going?
[ - ]  artemis_wolfGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
I think Klaud's gone.
[ - ]  prophetGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
I thought so.
He was on the lamb. ._.
[ - ]  brianmayGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
It's winter so at least he has his goat on.
Please, he's too busy being a rebel to wear a jacket. He's baaaaaa-d to the bone.
[ - ]  brianmayGood: 4Bad: 02 years ago
You goatta be kidding me!?
[ - ]  FishcakesGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
I SEE TWO PUNS IN THERE. (Yes. Combo breaker and whatnot, I know.)
[ - ]  FishcakesGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
okay ill just leave now
Wool you quit upstaging me?
[ - ]  OceansoulGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
My pun.
[ - ]  The_DocGood: 3Bad: 02 years ago
Holy f*ck I haven't been on here inna minute.
I kind of figured you'd died.
I'm an optimist.
[ - ]  The_DocGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
[ - ]  typer2131Good: 0Bad: 02 years ago
CAILEY LOL OMG get me out of here
[ - ]  typer2131Good: 0Bad: 02 years ago
I haven't seen you in like a year and I honestly don't remember where I stand with you so I'm just gunna not
[ - ]  The_DocGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
I love you.
[ - ]  typer2131Good: 0Bad: 02 years ago
oh my god though, last I heard from you you were planning that disney excursion with pretz, did that ever happen?
Oh shit balls, did I miss Doc and Typer? ( ._.)
[ - ]  typer2131Good: 3Bad: 02 years ago
i hope so i hated those guys
Aaaaaand she's gone. Damnit.
[ - ]  Random_LinksGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
quick quick make a comic out of this
[ - ]  VinnehGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
[ - ]  artemis_wolfGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
.tsop weN
[ - ]  jerseystar119Good: 0Bad: 02 years ago
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