MyLifeIsAverage. Life is pretty normal today.
Today, the secretary at my school paged the principal over the intercom to go to sophomore hallway. At the end she added "hurry, there's a fight going on". Half the school got there before he did. MLIA
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[ - ]  Dr_FrankensteinGood: 2Bad: 52 years ago
[ - ]  brianmayGood: 0Bad: 12 years ago
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 22 years ago
You didn't throw yourself into the fight?
That sounds very unprofessional for a secretary to do.
*sounds like a very unprofessional thing for a secretary to do
I just can't comment tonight can I?
[ - ]  NonagonGood: 1Bad: 02 years ago
Bravo, you did it!
It was a long and difficult journey, but I finally made it! *bursts into tears* I'm just so proud of myself.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 12 years ago
Good job. :D
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 12 years ago
What's up in yo fabulous lifee
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
Procrastination and a Roseanne marathon. :D whaddup witchuuuu
Unpacking. I finally got a new place. I'm out of Swansea for good bby.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
YAY! Are you still in university?
Nah, I'm out. And to hell with it anyway. It's weird because I'm starting to feel really old.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
Dang, and I'm still in high school. o.o
I mean, I'm only 23, but still.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
I'm an old mannnn. Done with uni, moving out of Swansea, getting a job. It's unnatural. I still have the maturity of a twelve year old.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
What job? or are you just looking for one?
I got offered a job as playing backup for this jazz place in Cardiff.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
Ohh neato. :D
I know :D It's not the WJS or anything, but it's definitely a job. And jazz is my thing. So yeah.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
nicee. i need a job
You're like 18 or 17 right?
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
I'm actually 16, but I'll be 17 next month.
Riiight. Well then a job isn't all that important for you yet.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
Yeah, I just wish there were more places to work around here though.
Where do you live again? I feel like I should know this.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
In the middle of nowhere, really. I live in Illinois, where there's nothing but cornfields in the southern part of the state.
There's actually people here who are active. First time that's happened in a while when I've been on. Shame it's 3:41am and I'm just going to bed.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
ikaz omg<3
*looks illinois up because I am horrible at US geography* ahhh, yes. Looks like a fun state. Night Ikaz, I didn't know we were in the same timezone :o
Hello. :D <3
Haven't seen you here in a while. And by a while I mean a couple days.
You must be a crumpet fvcking English tea licker? >.>
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
Ahaha, glad you know your geography. I only had a vague idea where Swansea was. wait omg there's a town called swansea about half an hour from here.
We probably live in the same place. I'm welsh, actually. No crumpets for me. Just sheep. to shag, you know. cos that's what we do.
Oooh, okay. Can we hate England together? I wrote a song about England. It goes: I'm a bonnie Scottish lass, I'm gonna shove crumpets up your ass. FRRRRREEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDOOOOOOOMMMMM. Yup.
Sounds perfect. Let's just stab England.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
England sounds fun.
Stabby stabby, slice and dice. Hunt you down and kill your mum. Cutty cutty, killy, killy. Stab your eyes with my flash bombs.
I think I went there on either a school trip or something with my parents one time. It is not fun. Everyone's so uppity and they talk weird.
lol ikaz
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
I've never been outside of America so any foreign country sounds fun.
America's actually pretty chill on it's own though. New York is just about my favourite place ever.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
Ohh, never been there. The furthest I've gone is Disney World, in Florida.
Most of my family is English. Hell, I'm like half English. But god damnit, every English person I meet talks down on me because I call myself Scottish. It's all ''Ooohhh, we're English, we have fancy tea cups and make sex on crumpets, we're sooooo much better than every other country in Britain because we're bigger and have monocles'' No, you have liverpool, where those wretched abominations on humanity, the Scouse live. And Newcastle, the source of that vile show that is a disgrace to humanity, 'geordie shore' Not to mention The Only Way is Essex. Oh, I need to rant. I must rant. XD
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 1Bad: 02 years ago
'make sex on crumpets' lmao
Fvcking Essex. There was this dick hole in my frat from Essex and he would never fvcking shut up. And his accent made me want to punch him in the face whenever he'd open his mouth. It's just so... like, sharp, like they're constantly talking with an egg in their mouths.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 1Bad: 02 years ago
English accents are way too appealing. o.o
I don't like them. I think west coast US is the hottest accent you can have.
No, it's the scouse. That fvcking noise that comes from their face, more like gargled wailing than speach. Some aren't bad, in all honesty, but the really, really fvcking scouse ones make me feel physically sick every time they open their shithole.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
If you say so... Personally, I prefer southern accents.
You can't even tell what the scouse are saying .-. southern like Texas southern?
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
Yes, like that.
I like Georgian accents. I have a few friends from Georgia. Plus, you know, The Walking Dead.
I spend some time in like Seattle and places of that sort since I have family there, and I love their accents.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
Ohh yes. :D
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
You should hear the people around here... It's definitely interesting. It's like a southern-blah hybrid accent.
I'm on my Xbox, so I guess I'm gonna go spend the rest of the night on CoD. Night guys. I'll be back. :P
Nighty night. I should go to bed as well, I always lose track of time and end up becoming nocturnal :/ So g'night. I'll probably be on tomorrow. Or, you know, later today.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
G'night, Ikaz.<3
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 12 years ago
Oh, well, good night then.<3
[ - ]  GrenadeglvGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
IKAZinator you whore.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 2Bad: 02 years ago
[ - ]  GrenadeglvGood: 1Bad: 12 years ago
[ - ]  OceansoulGood: 1Bad: 02 years ago
Wait, so like, on the intercoms where they do the announcements? Is there not a private intercom or phone for the secretary to contact the principal on? Do all the administrators not carry around special walkie talkies? They did at my school.
[ - ]  OceansoulGood: 1Bad: 02 years ago
Also, this was the 69th comment. So it's special.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
Mine does, but they carry work phones instead of walkie talkies.
[ - ]  OceansoulGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
I wonder if that's somewhat of a new thing since I haven't been in high school since '07.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
Tbh a lot of the administrators use their personal phones to get the principal's attention.
[ - ]  typer2131Good: 3Bad: 02 years ago
I dreamed Racist and Salsa were having an argument here about plants and erin was talking about spiders wih long names with klaud.
[ - ]  GrenadeglvGood: 1Bad: 02 years ago
Nice to know your mind never shuts off.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
Spiders with long names, huh?
[ - ]  typer2131Good: 0Bad: 02 years ago
Yes. It started with an "e," and at first you thought erin was jut saying her own name. I believe the two of you got it sorted out eventually and ended up having a rather pleasant conversation.
[ - ]  typer2131Good: 0Bad: 02 years ago
*Just. I am dropping letters all over the place.
[ - ]  artemis_wolfGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
A name starting with e? Was it Eugene?
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
Wolfy. Hi.
[ - ]  typer2131Good: 1Bad: 02 years ago
No, it was quite long, actually. Something along the lines of ehxkavdjdgsmsvdishakdbdisgdhndksgskwgdksbx.
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
Oh, that's lovely then.
[ - ]  OceansoulGood: 0Bad: 02 years ago
You know... I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if I came on here and saw those conversations occurring.
[ - ]  LtBaconGood: 2Bad: 02 years ago
[ - ]  CloudsInTheSkyGood: 2Bad: 02 years ago
whatever happened to him
[ - ]  hinkageGood: 0Bad: 12 years ago
hey faaggots

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