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Today, I found out that the voice actors for Mickey and Minnie Mouse were married in real life. I always knew they were meant for each other. MLIA
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[ - ]  MobileGood: 14Bad: 419 years ago
[ - ]  hdawgieGood: 4Bad: 309 years ago
get paid for using a search engine!
[ - ]  PinkUggsGood: 20Bad: 49 years ago
How.. sweet.
[ - ]  juliebug301Good: 0Bad: 09 years ago
The guy who did the voice for mickey died in April....
[ - ]  mickeyfangirlGood: 1Bad: 08 years, 11 months ago
No, he died in May.
[ - ]  digitalboredomGood: 26Bad: 269 years ago
Ahhh! You shoulda stopped after the first sentence :'(
[ - ]  PinkUggsGood: 8Bad: 209 years ago
I know right? If it's needless to say, don't say it!
[ - ]  PhoneGood: 12Bad: 249 years ago
We need to publish official criteria -_-
[ - ]  digitalboredomGood: 10Bad: 229 years ago
Yeah, I was getting excited as I read it, and then it took a fatal turn. *cue music*
[ - ]  OctoPieGood: 6Bad: 29 years ago
Music? I'll provide a dirge on the world's smallest violin, but I need backup.
[ - ]  StealthyChelseaGood: 8Bad: 49 years ago
I'll provide the tears
[ - ]  digitalboredomGood: 2Bad: 49 years ago
I can call in a favor.
[ - ]  5256oominutesGood: 4Bad: 149 years ago
Agreed. OP, your opinion was useless.
[ - ]  PinkUggsGood: 2Bad: 69 years ago
*Wont-Wont-Wooont* If that makes any sense?
[ - ]  HideitsgracEGood: 2Bad: 89 years ago
Just about to say
[ - ]  ballerinGood: 0Bad: 29 years ago
This is random, but my name is Grace too. Hooray for name twins. :)
[ - ]  ballerinGood: 7Bad: 09 years ago
But if they stop after the first sentence, the MLIA has nothing to do with the OP... Usually those unnecessary sentences are, well...unnecessary, but I think in this case it works better.
[ - ]  empiresGood: 1Bad: 19 years ago
But then this would fall under the category "this is not something you did or thought, therefore it does not make your life average." I thought it was a good way to end it.
[ - ]  jumpingbeanGood: 14Bad: 29 years ago
That's nice. Did the actors have Mickey and Minnie's fashion sense as well?
[ - ]  dr_spangleGood: 24Bad: 59 years ago
I bet minnie gets destroyed by a monster disney creation!
[ - ]  thedos1Good: 20Bad: 349 years ago
bet she's flappy as dumbo's ear, slut.
[ - ]  MsFairyFreakGood: 19Bad: 49 years ago
That's so cute. Mickey's birthday was last month. He is 81!
[ - ]  dr_spangleGood: 20Bad: 249 years ago
Viagra is a wonderful drug, for minnie.
[ - ]  mickeyfangirlGood: 1Bad: 08 years, 11 months ago
[ - ]  YouginGood: 5Bad: 109 years ago
It so sad though!! The voice for Mickey died but his wife survived. :(...sad day....
[ - ]  PinkUggsGood: 9Bad: 49 years ago
Sure was. Bawled my eyes out.
[ - ]  klgkf5Good: 1Bad: 29 years ago
the most recent mickey just died...
[ - ]  dr_spangleGood: 18Bad: 489 years ago
mannnn i cant wait to destroy minnie's dead remains with my manhood on viagra so i can keep on pumping, owwwwww yeeeaaahhhhh minnies dead remains owwww, and then i cum all over her dead face
[ - ]  thedos1Good: 12Bad: 239 years ago
hahah can we do it at the same time! everytime our eyes meet is an automatic high five! :)
[ - ]  dr_spangleGood: 10Bad: 219 years ago
Hell yeah man we'll smash her dead remains up all night ooowwww yeah.
[ - ]  OctoPieGood: 15Bad: 109 years ago
Hey, guys, respect the dead. Necrophilia, while fun, doesn't need to be discussed in the open.
[ - ]  MobileGood: 8Bad: 109 years ago
'Specially cartoon necrophilia.
[ - ]  dr_spangleGood: 6Bad: 79 years ago
hey mate its the best rated comment on this page go easy rodney but i guess you can have the vag if you really want it
[ - ]  thedos1Good: 4Bad: 109 years ago
yeah i don't mind going past the expiry date, its just a guide isn't it?
[ - ]  poop93Good: 10Bad: 79 years ago
[ - ]  ACDCBigBallsGood: 1Bad: 09 years ago
It's funny you say that, Mickey has 4 voice actors and Minnie has 8 or 9, and no actors share the same last name, except Walt Disney of course.
[ - ]  LizzinessGood: 1Bad: 09 years ago
Some women don't take their husband's last name when they marry, and I've noticed this is really common with actresses. Russi Taylor and Wayne Allwine were married up until his death this year.
[ - ]  ilostGood: 0Bad: 09 years ago
I can now die happy. Whoo...
[ - ]  queensusanGood: 3Bad: 09 years ago
...Mickey and Minnie aren't actually married.
[ - ]  emochick101Good: 1Bad: 09 years ago
no but they're together
[ - ]  PinkUggsGood: 0Bad: 19 years ago
thank you for completely my life with that usual piece of information.
[ - ]  Missk0987Good: 5Bad: 09 years ago
Okay so. This is really cool, Bill Farmer, the voice of Goofy, is my 5th grade teachers brother. I know you don't care but I think it's awesome (:
[ - ]  mickeyfangirlGood: 1Bad: 08 years, 11 months ago
I'm jealous of you for that.
[ - ]  catherinewithak4twGood: 3Bad: 09 years ago
When I was four I met the two of them together. They talked with me for like 15 minutes as Mickey and Minnie. I had no idea, I just thought they were nice old people.
[ - ]  butterflysong321Good: 1Bad: 29 years ago
Obviously not the original....since Walt Disney himself was the voice of Mickey Mouse...

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