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Introduction is a normal and fairly un-exemplary addition to the web. It's a collection of everyday anecdotes and stories likely to happen to anyone and everyone, sent to us exclusively by our users, which we then publish on the site. This is a space where you can share the normal and average stuff that happens in your day, and maybe realize that you are not alone in experiencing normal and average stuff. Posts usually start with "Today" and usually end with "MLIA" but no one really cares. This site is meant to be moderately amusing and can be read on a daily basis if you have absolutely nothing better to do.

Who's behind

We are. We are assisted by computers, food, water, and tiny amounts of sleep. Also by a diligent team of monkeys specially trained to replace the pronoun "i" with "I".

What's this site all about? contains a daily dose of short anecdotes, based on a simple recipe: in a few sentences, users can tell everyone a normal thing that happened in their day. These short stories must begin with "Today" and end with "MLIA" but no one actually cares. We've been over this. On top of being a not very significant event in the life of the person telling their story, delightfully proving that insignificant events happen to everybody every day, also aims to be funny for everyone involved.

How does it work?

Quite simply: each user can contribute to the site and submit their own story by clicking on the "Submit A Story" link in the menu at the top of the page. To be published, your story will be tested in several categories. A significant portion of your stories' time will be taken up with marching, drill ceremonies, and lots of standing in formation. Each story must be able to perform 13 push-ups, 17 sit-ups, and a one-mile run in under eight and one half minutes. Each story must also complete a standardized test, and receive at least a 1500 combined score between the mathematics, writing, and reading sections. We may also consider a story's essays, recommendations, interviews, and its involvement in extracurricular activities. Finally, the stories are voted on by users.

Something is wrong and I can't figure it out! Can you help?

Use the bugs site to let us know. Click the check next to bugs you want fixed immediately. Don't see your bug? Add it. Bring your towel. Don't panic.

I've just sent in my MLIA, what happens now?

Most likely, you sit around submitting more stories non-stop until our servers go down. I think that's the cool kid thing to do recently. You can also view your unpublished and published stories in the "Profile" section of MLIA.

Why has my MLIA not been approved?

Because it sucked.
...or hasn't been voted on yet.
You can help move things along by voting on submissions.
...but it probably just sucked.

Why should I create a member's account?

Because you can do fun things with an account, like comment... and change your password.

I'd like to receive the MLIAs automatically when I'm using my computer.

That's not a question.

How come you guys don't have a random stories option? Why don't you guys have a mobile site for this? Why is the site so slow? Why don't you guys have an API yet?

Because we are lazy and slow. We are working on all of these things, though.

There is something wrong with my account, or I have a private question. How do I contact you guys?

By clicking here and filling out the form.

If you're from the media, you can contact us at -but make sure to include "MEDIA MLIA" somewhere in the subject line.

Where is the FAQ?

You're dumb.

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