MyLifeIsAverage. Life is pretty normal today.
Today, during a Free period, my friends and I decided to use an empty classroom because no one would distract us. We found out that it was fitted with a projector, so we hooked up my friends laptop and watched Star Trek on the whiteboard instead.
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A few days ago, I watched the new Star Trek: Into Darkness (awesome movie by the way you should go see it if you haven't yet). I spent half the movie trying to figure out the name of Scotty's little alien sidekick. When I got home, I watched the movie before it to listen for the little sidekick's name. I couldn't find it. MLIA
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Yesterday, I went to a protest. Someone gave me a sign to wave. MLIA.
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Today, a new hero entered into our lives. That person is James_Miller. Let's make this site truly average again for the hero of MLIA, the man they call James.
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Remember back when this site used to be fun; when people would post fun stories for other people to read when they were bored? I used to be able to get on this site when I was down and it was certain to make me smile or laugh. Now, people are posting stupid things like, "Everyone who reads this site is a big dumb homo. In a good way." This site used to be fun. Why can't it be fun again? I'm sure a lot of people miss it. If you don't know what the site used to be like, try going to page 1,000 and reading those posts. We should be able to bring back the old, fun site. The people that belong on this site are people who love Harry Potter, Star Wars, and coloring. The people that belong here are people who like to share stories about their life, made up or true, to make people laugh. It doesn't matter if the stories are true or not, as long as they brighten other people's day.
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So i was walking through the mall, when I see a harry potter style wand in a store. Natrually i run inside, pick it up, and randomly point it shouting AVADA KEDAVRA! A girl across the hall collapsed on the ground and layed there until i looked away. OLAA (Our Lives Are Average)
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Today at school, I was walking through the commons when this kid suddenly drops to the floor, does a somersault, then jumps up and whips out a little plastic bottle. Then he pulls the bubble wand out of it and starts blowing bubbles as he walks down the hallway. Best last day of school ever. MLIA
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In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary… come again?
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Today I asked my 9 year old sister to name all 7 continents. Her first response was "Atlantis" This kid is going places. MLIA
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My brother was complaining about our drippy faucet so my dad told him to look up the faucet's spout to see if he could see the problem. While my brother was looking my dad turned on the faucet at full blast and walked away. MLIA
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