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Today in P.E. we had to run the 50m dash. When the coach blew the whistle, I yelled FOR NARNIA and ran off. It gave me a magical feeling and I finished first. MLIA.
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A few months back, I was at an all day rock concert. Somehow in the crowd, I lost my pants. I continued enjoying the show, and found my pants afterwards. Not only was my wallet still there, but there was an extra 200 dollars in the front pocket. Not sure how or why...
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Today, my friends and I were staying at a hotel. We ordered pizza, and requested that they draw a dinosaur and write "Happy Birthday" on it because it's my friend's birthday, even though we didn't expect them to actually do it. We were dancing in our hotel room to "Walking on Sunshine" and when it got to the part that says, 'I just can't wait till the day when you knock on my door' the pizza man knocked on the door, with a pizza with a AWESOME dinosaur picture and "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" written really big. That pizza guy and MLIA!
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A while back one of my friends bought a dinosaur hoodie, today she ran around rawring and scratching lockers, I knew she was my friend for a reason! M(and Dino's ) LIA
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Today I bought a fortune cookie. it read ''your fortune is in another cookie''......well played cookie well played. MLIA
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Today, my friends and I were eating dinner at the college that we were going to attend next year. My friend who happens to be Asian decided that it would a be a great idea to throw a knife at me. I immediately threw my hand in the air to stop it from hitting my face, but somehow I managed to catch it in between two fingers without looking... He then responded with "Teach me, Sensei..." MLIA
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Today I read on DBPB Dear person checking behind the curtain for serial killers, DO YOU MIND?!? Sincerely, serial killer trying to take a shower This person belongs here MLIA
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Today i tried the google vs. yahoo challenge. I typed 'i hate it when you' and yahoo gave me 'i hate it when you get headaches' and google gave me 'i hate it when you walk out of your house and a giraffe kicks you in the balls'. i think we all know who won.
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Today I was playing a random game online. One of the character told me that working at the post office would be the best job ever. Why? Because you can sit and play with bubble wrap all day. MLIA.
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Today I was grocery shopping at Wal-Mart with my parents and little sister. We noticed that someone had apparently put a stuffed dolphin on the shelf where the roasted turkeys were. My sister, knowing that it didn't belong there, asked if we could have roast dolphin for dinner, to which my dad jokingly said yes. Then he actually bought the dolphin and put it on a plate for her at dinnertime, and my sister pretended to eat it. MLIA
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