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Today my best friend sent me a picture of Grumpy Cat inside a Dalek (the bad guys from my favorite show, Doctor Who). I loved it and showed it to my mom. She did not recognize Grumpy Cat and thought it was a seal. HLIA
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Today my friend and I started randomly talking about what we eat in the summer. I said that sometimes I eat Kraft Mac and Cheese, but only the 3 Cheese Shells kind. To this she responded, "Oh my god me too! Do you know what this means? We can eat mac n cheese together!" I couldn't stop laughing. I pick good friends. MLIA
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Today, while at a stop light, my sisters and i were watching a man in a wheel chair get himself in a car, then start taking apart his wheel chair, and put it in his car. He were all so impressed with this man. A white Suburban parked himself directly in our view of the man finishing up. My sisters and I started screaming at this car to move, all in unison. MLIA
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I missed the first day of school to be on Family Feud. My family won $20,000. MLIA
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Today I was searching stuff on google. I typed in "why do asians speak" and the first thing that came up was "why do asians speak the ching chong language". Oh Google, I never thought you'd be racist. MLIA.
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Many other kids at my school are spending their summer partying, going out with friends, and possibly drinking or doing drugs. I have done nothing but write in my room and watch animated movies on Netflix. MLIA.
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Today, my mom discovered pinterest and one thing led to another and she watched over an hour of cat videos. Welcome to the internet. HerLI(now)A
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Today I typed in "I hate when" into google and one of the results was "I hate when Americans think Obama is a cactus."
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Today, I found out that my LED sonic screwdriver needs a screwdriver to open the battery compartment. MLIA
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Today I went through all the submissions on MLIA, there weren't enough for me :(
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