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Today, while at a stop light, my sisters and i were watching a man in a wheel chair get himself in a car, then start taking apart his wheel chair, and put it in his car. He were all so impressed with this man. A white Suburban parked himself directly in our view of the man finishing up. My sisters and I started screaming at this car to move, all in unison. MLIA
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I missed the first day of school to be on Family Feud. My family won $20,000. MLIA
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Today I was searching stuff on google. I typed in "why do asians speak" and the first thing that came up was "why do asians speak the ching chong language". Oh Google, I never thought you'd be racist. MLIA.
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Many other kids at my school are spending their summer partying, going out with friends, and possibly drinking or doing drugs. I have done nothing but write in my room and watch animated movies on Netflix. MLIA.
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Today, my mom discovered pinterest and one thing led to another and she watched over an hour of cat videos. Welcome to the internet. HerLI(now)A
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Today I typed in "I hate when" into google and one of the results was "I hate when Americans think Obama is a cactus."
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Today, I found out that my LED sonic screwdriver needs a screwdriver to open the battery compartment. MLIA
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Today I went through all the submissions on MLIA, there weren't enough for me :(
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I decided to look up my birthday (February 23), since I've seen a lot of posts about it. I just discovered that my birthday is when The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 won the worst picture at the 33rd Golden Raspberry Awards. My life is made. MLIA
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Today my best friend came over and we were about to go swimming. But upon getting to the pool we realized it was closed. Yes we were very sad but we didn't let it ruin our pool day. How? We went back to my house and got in my bathtub. Its been 2 hours. MLIA
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