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Today at Goodwill, I sat on a couch waiting while my Aunt was shopping. A cute guy came over and said, "Since you're sitting there, I'll have to put a price tag on you." I said "Go ahead" But he only smiled and walked away. MLIA.
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Today I was walking and I saw a twenty dollar bill on the ground with a string on it. I picked it up and the string broke and then I heard someone from behind a building say "ahhh fidle sticks." That made my day. OLIA
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Today after reading about Dumbledore's death I cried for half an hour while my 6 year old daughter comforted me. MLIA
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My German Shepard has learned to hug... without the obligatory humping! MLIA
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Sat down in front of my closet last night to wait for my sister to finish in the bathroom so I could brush my teeth. Next thing I knew, it was 6am and I was on the floor of my closet. MLIA.
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Today, I woke up and was still alive. MLIA.
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Today my best friend sent me a picture of Grumpy Cat inside a Dalek (the bad guys from my favorite show, Doctor Who). I loved it and showed it to my mom. She did not recognize Grumpy Cat and thought it was a seal. HLIA
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Today my friend and I started randomly talking about what we eat in the summer. I said that sometimes I eat Kraft Mac and Cheese, but only the 3 Cheese Shells kind. To this she responded, "Oh my god me too! Do you know what this means? We can eat mac n cheese together!" I couldn't stop laughing. I pick good friends. MLIA
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Today, while at a stop light, my sisters and i were watching a man in a wheel chair get himself in a car, then start taking apart his wheel chair, and put it in his car. He were all so impressed with this man. A white Suburban parked himself directly in our view of the man finishing up. My sisters and I started screaming at this car to move, all in unison. MLIA
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I missed the first day of school to be on Family Feud. My family won $20,000. MLIA
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