MyLifeIsAverage. Life is pretty normal today.
Today I ran into my friend and got a black eye MLIA.
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today i witnessed my dad feeding my dog with a fork. his response? "she's sophisticated. my life is average
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Today, (actually a while ago) my boyfriend aquired an old microwave. It's so old that we convinced his roommate that you had to release the steam valve on it after use. We are all 18-20 years old, and the roommate thought we were totally serious. MLIA
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Today, while making my bed I found an orange M&M and despite not knowing its origins or how long it'd been there, I ate it. MLIA.
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Today, while getting ice cream with some colleagues after work, we saw a man walking his German shepherd. The dog was going crazy about a fountain in the middle of the pedestrian zone and kept hopping back and forth, trying to catch the splooshes of water. I stopped to wonder when the last time was that I've been as excited about something as this dog was about the "flying water". MLIA
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Today in Cosco my friend hid behind the sheds and tried to scare a little boy by jumping out and yelling 'Boo!' The boy who looked no older than 5 or 6 then retorted 'Someday you'll clean the pool in my mansion' and walked away licking his ice cream. MLIA
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This morning my iPhone froze on a topless picture of myself. It's been stuck all day and I have to take it like that to Verizon tomorrow to get it fixed. #sextingfail. MLIA.
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It was the end of hot yoga class and we were doing our final meditation. I was blissfully relaxed and musing on a mental image of the beautiful Benedict Cumberbatch. The instructor said, "Just try to focus on your breath - if any thoughts enter your mind just let them pass over you like a cloud." I thought of a cloud in the shape of Benedict Cumberbatch. He said hello in a sinister baritone. I snickered and disrupted everyone around me. MLIA.
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Today, my cat squeezed my finger with her paw, I squeezed back so she did it again. I feel like we've come to an understanding. MLIA
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Today, while I was sleeping, I had this dream. I found colorless Waldo in my coloring book. I wanted to color him, but he run away and I started to chase him with a paint brush in my hand. My dreams are average.
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