MyLifeIsAverage. Life is pretty normal today.
Today my roommate woke me up when he went to class. I fell back asleep. MLIA
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Today, I got home from school and started playing WoW, but then I got bored so I read a book instead. MLIA.
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Today on my way to work I noticed the "low fuel" warning on the dashboard. I pulled over and got some gas. MLIA
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Today I was talking to my roomate as I was getting ready for work, and so I left the apartment a few minutes late. I walked a little faster on my way and got here on time. MLIA.
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Today, I waited for an Ikea delivery that was supposed to arrive between 1 and 5pm. They never showed. But, the four hours today gave me time to catch up on The Office. MLIA.
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Today I checked my PO box to see if that backpack I won on eBay had arrived yet. It hadn't. MLIA
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For lunch today I went to Mcdonalds because I like their sweet tea. When I got there I found out that they were out of sweet tea and it was going to be 20 minutes before they had more. So I just had to go with Hi-C orange. It was pretty good too. MLIA
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Today I really wanted some Pop Tarts. I went to the store to get some, but they were out of Raspberry, my favourite kind. I bought Strawberry instead, because Strawberry is almost as good as Raspberry. MLIA
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Today I purchased an apple as part of my lunch. The apple had some bruises on it. I ate it anyway. MLIA
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I have a paper to write which really shouldn't take so long except that I spend a lot of time procrastinating. MLIA
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