MyLifeIsAverage. Life is pretty normal today.
Today I didn't brush my hair because it looks the same either way. MLIA
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Today I was nodding off at work, and decided to take a nap once I got home. When I got home, I wasn't tired anymore. MLIA
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Today, I was watching TV, when a local commercial came on. It was about twice the volume of the show I was watching, so I had to turn it down. Then when the commercial was over I turned it back up again. MLIA.
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My toilet was making funny noises today. I thought it was broken. Turns out its fine. MLIA.
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Today, I microwaved a bag of popcorn for one minute less than the recommended time on the bag. It popped fine. MLIA
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Today I had meatloaf for dinner. Tomorrow I will have leftover meatloaf for lunch. MLIA
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Today I was talking on a cell phone and my legs got tired, so I sat on the floor. MLIA
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Today I was supposed to be working from home but ended up watching The Price is Right instead.
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Today I was going to go to the gym, but I decided to stay home and only eat two slices of pizza instead of three. MLIA.
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Today, I tried to load a page on, but it gave me an "Error 500 - Internal server error". I hit reload and it displayed the page. MLIA.
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