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Today I saw a girl that was cute. I thought about talking to her.

I didn't. MLIA.
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The man in the stall next to me was taking a dump also. It was quiet and it felt awkward. I made noises to loosen the tension. MLIA
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Today my alarm went off. I hit the snooze button and woke up 10minutes later to only hit the snooze button again. MLIA
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Today I waited for a bus. I thought I was waiting for too long and maybe I should walk, but then the bus came and I waved at it. MLIA.
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Today I asked for coffee with room for cream. They topped it off so I had to spill some out.
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Today, I woke up and thought my brother would beat me to the shower. He didn't. I showered first. MLIA.
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Today I thought I had left my keys at work, but when I got home they were in my pocket. MLIA.
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After a long day of being at work, I finally get to check my facebook. I only have 1 notification. MLIA
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This evening I cooked a pot of beans. While waiting on the water to heat, I had nothing better to do than sit and watch it come to a boil. MLIA
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Today, my friend showed me an FML post. I laughed on the outside but not on the inside. MLIA.
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