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Today I was wondering if anyone would notice my new haircut. Sandra in accounting noticed. She said it was nice. MLIA
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Today I had to use the bathroom but someone was already in there. So I waited. MLIA
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Today I ate pop-tarts for breakfast after brushing my teeth. They tasted funny. MLIA
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Today I realized I had forgot to feed my fish. So I fed him a little more than I usually do because I felt kinda bad. MLIA
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Today, when I was taking a shower, I realized I was out of body wash, so I used bar soap instead. MLIA.
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Today, I turned on the radio but a commercial was on. I listened anyways. MLIA.
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Today I was driving and the light turned yellow. I wasn't in a rush so I just slowed down. MLIA
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Today I awoke very tired, not wanting to go to school. I went to school anyway. MLIA
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Today I made a Hot Pocket for lunch and the middle came out a little cold. I ate it anyway because I had already started eating so I didn't want to put it back in the microwave. MLIA
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Today I was driving and traffic got pretty bad. I still got to work on time. MLIA
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