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Yesterday, my friend and I went to the movies together. Half way through, she handed me a fruit cup and two spoon that she got out of her bag. I asked her why. Her response? "Why Not." I love her. MLIA.
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Today my dad asked me if i wanted to go to the bar next sunday for my 18th birthday. I dont know whats weirder, that hes letting me go to the bar or that im only turning 17. MLIA
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Today, I went to do my laundry in the basement of my dorms. There were no empty washers so I sat next to one with 10 minutes left. A guy said he was taking that one so I sat my clothes on the washer beside it which had 12 minutes left. The guy that stole my washer let me borrow his detergent. MLIA
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I made my favourite soup today. I was very eager to start eating it and because of my haste I burnt my tongue. Sadly I couldn't taste the rest of it.
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Today I went to make some coffee. There was already coffee made, so I sniffed it to see if it was fresh. I microwaved it and it was fine. MLIA.
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On the way to work yesterday morning I was stuck in traffic near a construction site. One of the big, barrel-type traffic pylons DEFINITELY looked like it had a face, so I took a picture of it. When I got home, I sent it to my girlfriend, because it was the most interesting thing to happen to me that day. She looked, but she didn't see the face. MLIA.
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Today, I was driving my Grandma to lunch with my family. While I was driving she told me to slow down, because she once got a ticket on the road we were on in 1973. MLIA
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Today, I woke up and I did not feel like P. Diddy. MLIA
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Today, I noticed that the stories here were getting more average. This made me happy. Then I made a sandwich. MLIA.
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Today, I saw a very large man driving a very small car. Behind him was a very large truck being driven by a very small man. MLIA
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